Mere Chesterton

I've read quite a few works by Chesterton.  I've read Heretics, Orthodoxy, The Everlasting Man, and his novel The Man Who Was Thursday.  I've read his poem on Lepanto and The Ballad of The White Horse.  I also have a number of his other works. 

Chesterton was always a Christian writer and towards the end a Catholic one as well.   Following my first extensive reading of him, I was getting ready to become Catholic myself.  

But no more.  After a short trip down the road of proto-Catholic belief, whatever belief I had imploded after I tried to read straight through the Bible.  I now have no religious belief whatsoever.  I call myself a secular humanist.  

But I have never forgotten the rhetorical power of Chesterton.  It was him, along with others such as C.S. Lewis, who nearly convinced me beyond doubt to believe in God.  

Now that I'm again a secular humanist, I figure I would do well to examine Chesterton and his ilk more closely.  Over the weeks and months to come, I'll be re-reading Chesterton's works, chapter by chapter, and dissecting them.  Once his work is dissolved into its elementary particles, perhaps I can get a better idea of how and why I became so convinced by this man.   I'll start with his book Heretics.   

For any wanting to watch my ongoing dissection of this sacred cow of Catholics, stay tuned.   

What's in a Journal?

I'll admit here that I didn't create a Livejournal originally to write my own journal, but to comment on another.  

However, being a fledgling writer, this new vista of blank (though electronic) pages has tempted me.  I am weak.  I submit to the urge.  

This journal, when i post to it, will be my ramblings.  nothing more.  Read at your own peril.