kaltrosomos (kaltrosomos) wrote,

The Election

So here I am, writing a journal while an election is being decided. 

I have no idea whether McCain will win or whether Obama will.  Some people are sure Obama will win, and most of the media takes that tack as well.  But there are a few who think McCain can pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat. 

The race is still tight at this hour.  Obama has apparently picked up some of the blue northeastern states.  Not too surprising there.  But the battleground states are still looking pretty tight. 

Whatever happens, I have a feeling this will be a long night for the country.  This race feels close enough that we'll have to wait to call it until most, if not all of the votes are counted. 

And then, again, whoever wins, the next president will have a mess on his hands.  The country seems to be getting increasingly divided.  That's not going to change no matter who is president. 

Some of the news stations seem to be putting Texas in contention at this hour.  Now how is that for unexpected?  But I think it has more to do with how many of the votes have actually been counted.  There hasn't been enough time to adequately count all of the votes yet, and so we get wacky numbers like Obama leading in Texas.  Can Obama take Texas?  I don't know.  I guess we'll find out sometime tonight.  

I'm still watching this race closely.  Still have no idea who will win.  At this moment Obama has the lead, but McCain is creeping up there.
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