kaltrosomos (kaltrosomos) wrote,

The Greatest Comedians

I think the greatest comedians ever are time and history.

Why do I say this?

Because I am considering voting for McCain/Palin this election year.  AFTER I was long firmly for Obama, and had even donated to his campaign. 

Isn't it strange how time turns us all into the opposites of our former selves, to one degree or another?  How we vow in childhood never to become like our parents and then one day look in the mirror and see a distinct resemblance?

Studying history also provides a great deal of comedy.  Someone once said that we learn from history that nobody ever learns anything from history.  Another said that there is nothing new under the sun.  Things recur.  Patterns emerge.  Ironies abound. 

I find it amusing, to say the least, that in the culture of ancient Egypt there were many similarities to our own day.  They had a complex tax system.  There were complicated systems of credit worked out, even though they traded in commodities rather than coinage.  They had a system of justice which was impartial to all.  At least in theory.  The similarities were interesting because they seemed fairly modern, and yet this was taking place in Ancient Egypt, thousands of years before Christ. 

History has countless examples of these shifts, turnarounds, and reversals.  History has a superb sense of irony, it seems. 

I'm not entirely sure who I'll vote for this November, but now I'm not sure anymore. 
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