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An Exercise in Self-Parody

I was just watching the latest series of interviews that Senators Obama and McCain did for the TV show 60 Minutes. 

Overall it is an informative series of videos, and you can watch them on the web here:


Something I found very curious were the last sections where the candidates were given the opportunity to make a case for why they would be a good president. 

Obama talked about how he wanted to maintain the hopefulness of the american dream which had allowed his parents and grandparents to achieve some level of success and security even though they came from humble beginnings.  He thought that the possibility of claiming a place in that American Dream was starting to disappear for some Americans today.   

McCain, on the other hand, started out quoting his own campaign slogan: "Reform.  Prosperity.  Peace."    He gave his usual stumps about being a maverick and wanting to shake things up in Washington, as well as bring prosperity, though he was a bit vague on those two.  His covering of the last bit, 'Peace', was some mixture of perverse and inspired. 

Sen. McCain reached into his jacket pocket and took out a letter, explaining that it was one he'd received from a grieving mother who'd lost her son, Patrick, to war.  McCain opened up the letter, and brought out a dogtag with a picture of Patrick on it.   

"I hate war," McCain said, brandishing the dogtag.  He went on to say he didn't want there to be any more Patricks.   But I can't help feeling like there is a mixed message there.  One of McCain's slogans is "Peace".  But he has staked a large part of his campaign on the idea that he is more experienced, and that part of his experience comes from the sacrifices made during his military service.

Part of his campaign slogan is "Peace", but he has been constantly using his war experiences to promote his candidacy.   What is that about?  Does he not see an irony in that, using the trappings of war to claim he is for peace?  I mean, seriously.  What gives?   

Other aspects of the McCain campaign seem almost too much to be true.  For instance, how do you like the sound of domating to McCain's  "Compliance Fund" ?  That's right.  Compliance Fund.  Just go to McCain's website and see for yourself if you don't believe me.  That's actually what they call it.  It seems like a poor word choice for a maverick and a reformer to me.  But maybe that's just me. 

Another part of McCain's slogan is "Country First".   Taken with the "Compliance Fund", I have to wonder if I'm seeing shades of 1984.    I mean, is McCain's campaign really so tone-deaf that they think donating to a "Compliance Fund" is encouraging?  It's not cute.  It's not catchy.  It's not persuasive.  It's creepy.   
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