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Gordon Smith

Political humor is usually fun.  It's even better when it's unintentional. 

I ran across this latest bit looking at Oregon Republican Gordon Smith's website.   Smith is an incumbent senator for Oregon, though he is also a Republican trying to pretend he isn't a Republican.  This leads to issues.  

Looking at his website, I'm wondering if he's starting to suffer some sort of nervous breakdown.  He has been in a close race with challenger Jeff Merkley.  Smith's position is still vulnerable.  I'm tempted to say that it leans towards Merkley. 

On Smith's website there is a square with cycling advertisements just under the row of tabs near the top, on the right side.  One box says "Smithroots: The Foundation for Victory". 

Now I've heard of Grassroots, and Netroots.  But SMITHroots?  I didn't know politicians got their own personal roots.  This just makes me think Smith thinks quite highly of himself.  He wasn't content to use the term 'grassroots' or the other term, 'netroots'.  He had to make his own term named after himself.   What Hog Are You On, Smith?  If you start wearing shades, Mr. Smith, and talking about a Mr. Anderson, I'm going to run the other direction and never look back.   I'm already tempted to as it is. 

I won't comment much about the quality of Smith's ad campaign, except to say that it's typically Republican.

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