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Obama, are you trying to lose this election?

The news just keeps getting better.  I had been concerned before now with the apparent shifts to the right in Obama's campaign.  and now there's a new article out saying that Obama might want to delay undoing the tax cuts to the wealthy.  He thinks that since we're in a recession right now, it would be harmful to the economy to take more from the wealthy in taxes. 

see the article here:  news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080907/ap_on_el_pr/obama

I don't think this is such a good idea.  I don't like the drift of this.  Obama earned his initial support by looking progressive.  But as he continues to look less truly progressive, I'm questioning why I support him.   It still hasn't gotten to the point where I would support McCain.  McCain is still clearly out of the question for me, unless he starts shifting to the left in the same way Obama is shifting to the right. 

But that seems unlikely.  This election is fast turning into a farce.   Just a big joke.   I disagreed with Obama over his support of the new FISA bill, and now I disagree with him on allowing the bush tax cuts to continue.  The main people benefiting from the continuance of those tax cuts are the wealthy.  They don't need more of a cushion.  Ordinary people do.  It's the ordinary people, the mass of the working class, which holds up the economy.  Without all those workers, businesses would collapse.  Or maybe they wouldn't collapse.  They'd just move altogether to places like China and India.  And while the businesses might survive, it wouldn't be good for America. 

At the moment, I am seriously considering voting for a third party candidate.  Who cares if the party doesn't get enough votes to get elected?  I'm starting to have enough doubts about both major parties that voting for either one strikes me as going against my own principles. 

Maybe Obama will turn back to the left.  Maybe he'll go back to how he was in the primaries.  But I doubt it.  I doubt it.   I'm rather dissapointed in him at the moment.  Dissapointed in politics in general.  Perhaps this is a case where I need to start working on my own grassroots efforts.  None of the major parties reflects my politics.  So maybe I need to start building up a party that does.    That might be the best lesson for me to take from this election:  in politics, you have to do it yourself.  Don't imagine that any particular politician, especially of the big parties, is going to reflect all your values and viewpoints.  

So whatever the outcome, this election gives me much to think about between 2008 and 2012.    I just hope the country doesn't run into any more wars or other sorts of disaster before then.  We, the American people, do not strike me as all that bright when acting collectively.   

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