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Further thoughts on Sarah Palin and others

I came across an article on Sarah Palin just now by conservative journalist Mark Steyn.  Steyn has a razor wit which he isn't afraid of using on those he disagrees with.  

To see for yourself, go here:


Steyn does make some good points, if I assume that everything he says is true.  He suggests that working as the governor of Alaska while having five kids is probably better experience for Palin than community organizing was for Obama.  

As Steyn puts it in the article, "Next to her resume, a guy who's done nothing but serve in the phony-baloney job of "community organizer" and write multiple autobiographies looks like just another creepily self-absorbed lifelong member of the full-time political class that infests every advanced democracy."

Then again, Palin is, arguably, just as much a member of that full-time political class as any politician.  I have met a number of the overachievers like Palin, the beauty queens and valedictorians.  These kinds of people seem to carry a political mindset even if they never enter politics.  They weigh the long-term costs and benefits of being members of sports teams, and clubs, and the student government.  They think of it in terms of how it will look on their resumes when applying to college and beyond.  Palin strikes me as having a bit of this quality.  She likes being in the spotlight.  She's got a certain charm.  Steyn calls it the "naughty librarian vibe".   She was most likely chosen precisely because she is a conservative version of Obama--young, charismatic,  and pretty much unknown till now. 

Even more revealing was how her speech just after being nominated parroted much of the tone from Obama's past speeches.  McCain has been doing this too, trying to adopt Obama's tone while holding the opposite positions. 

"I found someone with an outstanding reputation for standing up to special interests and entrenched bureaucracies; someone who has fought against corruption and the failed policies of the past," McCain said before introducing Palin.  McCain said a lot of other things reminiscent of Obama's past speeches.  

The Republicans are apparently pretending to be Democrats, at least in tone.  Of course, all that falls away once they get in to office.  It's like an old coat they wear every time an election comes around, and then hang up once the white house is secure. 

Quoth Palin: "If you want change in Washington, if you hope for a better America, then we're asking for your vote on the 4th of November."

But that's what Obama was saying first!  If I didn't know any better, I'd think the Republicans are trying to steal Obama's thunder.   They're a gang of copycats. 

And it's working on some people.  Some of my family for instance.   The Republicans have perfected the art of smearing all their opponents all the while stealing the convenient ideas of other parties when it suits them. 

If Republicans win this election, I am going to seriously consider emigrating to another country.   I don't know if I want to continue living in a nation of suckers that would elect Republicans AGAIN after the administration of George W. Bush.    This country seems to like celebrating ignorance and considers it a crime to sound too educated and smart.   Like that is a BAD thing for the president of our country.  I don't get it.  I really don't.  

I'm hoping that the USA isn't as big a nation of suckers as I suspect.  Prove me wrong, people.   Don't be fooled again by the Republicans.  Don't listen to their fearmongering.   
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