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Sarah Palin: The Next President?

It seems very possible to me that Sarah Palin, if she and McCain win the election, will become the president.  Why?  Because McCain strikes me as fragile.  He just looks so OLD.  He was a POW, and suffered injuries from that.  He's on various medications.  He gets disability pay from the government.  McCain just doesn't strike me as someone who has a lot of years left in him.  Hell, he could go at any time. 

And if McCain/Palin win the election, and then McCain croaks, we end up with Palin as our president.  Energetic, youthful, but inexperienced Sarah Palin.  She likes eating moose, is a member of the NRA, and could be a closet creationist as well as an obvious and outspoken pro-lifer. 

She's a pretty face to look at, at least, but how good would she be at running our country really?  She has little experience, and experience has been one of the main arguments McCain brings against Obama.  So what is McCain thinking by picking one of the most inexperienced people ever as his VP, especially considering his age?  If people think about it even a little, they realize that Palin stands a good chance of becoming our president if McCain gets into office. 

Another thing that bothers me about Palin are her probable ties to big oil companies.  She's the governer of Alaska, for instance.  Alaska has so much revenue from oil sales that Alaskans pay no state taxes, but rather get a state credit in their favor.  Palin is an advocate for increasing all sorts of oil drilling.   Coincidence?  I think not.  I think she is in the pocket of the big oil magnates.  If Palin becomes president due to McCain giving up the ghost, then we really will see a third term of Bush. 

Either way, this election is starting to have me shaking my head.  If the Republicans steal yet another election, I'm probably going to lose my mind.  And I imagine that other people will be angry about it too.  If this apparent election-stealing keeps up, we're going to have a civil war.  Mark my words.   The divisions in our country are great, and having what looks like another rigged election will only make it worse.   Republicans already have a reputation for stealing the presidency in 2000 and 2004.  If they get it again now, in 2008, I think we'll be heading towards some sort of major break in the country, a civil war perhaps.  But maybe things won't get that bad.  We'll see. 
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