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The Opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

After watching the opening ceremonies put on by China for the olympics, I feel impressed.  They put on a huge, lavish display that was awe-inspiring and even a bit frightful.  It was pretty obvious to me that China is trying to send a message.  The message I got was basically:

"We are China.  We are big.  We are getting bigger.  We are also bold and getting bolder.  Look at what we have accomplished.  Imagine what we can accomplish in the future. "  

Despite the claims of "One world, one dream", I took it as a cautionary tale.  Tread softly, and all that.  The slogan "One world, one dream", doesn't specify what the dream is exactly, after all.  If it is a single dream and a single world as according to China, it might differ from what we would wish considerably.  And with China increasingly capturing markets these days, it looks as though its growth into a superpower is undeniable.  The question is what will happen in the wake of China's efforts.  What sort of dreams does China have for this "one world"?  Does it involve conquest of a military, cultural, or economic variety?  They certainly have the people for a possible military conquest.   1.3 billion, the largest chunk of population in the world, with India coming in second.  This is even more worrisome since China still has in place a totalitarian government, one of the last of its kind.  Where Russia fell, China has tried hard to learn from past mistakes, and has thus far succeeded in holding on to vast power.  This should make us wary in the future.  China is becoming a powerful force, and based on numbers alone has the advantage.  Other countries lead China in technology and other areas of knowledge, but China is closing that gap a bit more every day.  If China becomes technologically equal with the West, or even better, then I predict the gig is up.   Instead of U.S. imperialism we will see Chinese imperialism.   And what that will mean is not something I want to think a lot about.  Still, I'm keeping my eye on China from now on.  Intriguing things are afoot. 

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