January 8th, 2009

Where Is This Going?

I'm growing increasingly wary of what the future holds.  The mainstream media continues to downplay if not outright cover up discussion about Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidency.  According to some sources, such as World Net Daily, major news channels are refusing to sell air time to people who wish to air ads questioning Obama's eligibility.

And why, I'm wondering, is the MSM refusing to let Obama be put under scrutiny?  If there is nothing to hide, Obama should have nothing to fear from public questioning about his eligibility.  Personally, I have many doubts concerning whether or not he is constitutionally eligible for the office of president.  Until he releases his birth certificate and other information, it seems fairly likely that he was not, in fact, born in Hawaii and that he is not a Natural Born Citizen.

Thus, Obama is not legally able to be president according to the constitution.  But apparently that document is being made optional for our modern society.  The MSM seems determined to usher Obama into the White House by any means.  Obama himself has almost zero excuse for not knowing that he is doing something questionable, since he taught constitutional law in the past.  Obama ought to know that there are questions surrounding his eligibility, and he also ought to know that his refusal to release his birth certificate only makes it look more like he is hiding something.  So I'm forced to conclude one of two things.  either 1) Obama has deluded himself into thinking he qualifies as a Natural Born Citizen, or 2) he knows he is not eligible for the presidency but figured he could muscle his way in anyway.  And so far the media and most of the government has been proving him right.  I suspect that #2 is the more likely, since Obama refuses to release his birth certificate.  If Obama sincerely believed he qualified for the presidency, he would see no reason to hold back any pertinent documents, I think.  His refusal to release the certificate tells me that he knows something about it will raise suspicion--perhaps the fact that there is no Hawaii birth certificate in the first place.  

Obama is, though, just denying the inevitable.  Nearly half the country didn't vote for him and is going to be watching him very closely.  What's more than that, as the Obama Haze starts to wear off this issue will probably come up in the future, along with many more.  People will question is eligibility, his honesty, his integrity, and everything else in greater measure. 

What really worries me though is if the debate over Obama and his eligibility gets heated enough to stir violence.  Other claims aside, America pretty clearly is becoming polarized into two different countries.  One America is solidly blue, solidly progressive, and dependably liberal and secular.  The other America is mostly red, conservative, more religious and diametrically opposed to the sort of America Obama represents. 

So the question is: is America divided enough along Red and Blue lines that a major difference of opinion about Obama's candidacy could cause a second civil war?  This would be rife with ironies, not least that the second civil war would center around a black man running for president, while the first civil war began because of the issue of slavery. 

I can easily see how large segments of the public would be furious if they learned that Obama and his campaign had tricked them from the start.  The Far Left is already close to mutiny due to Obama's sprint towards the center ever since the democratic primaries.  

Hopefully this will not end as badly as my cynical streak suggests.  But it is a possibility, which worries me.  I guess until more things start occurring I won't worry about it so much.